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Ralfy and The Gold Dollar


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Sounds like a movie or television series title, eh?

A while back I took Ralfy up on a deal he made here: Well, a Gold Dollar with a Dr Ralfson Bwhahaha edge arrived from across the pond yesterday :w00t: I had a shave with it about 30 minutes ago and it was great. Probably not best razor ever made ;), but the edge was keen and comfortable - just a lovely, enjoyable shave. My face is smooth, all is good.

This is first razor honed on a coticule by someone else that I have had the pleasure to shave with. Having something to compare my honing results with was really helpful. My edges certainly are not as nice as Ralfy's work, but I wasn't doing as half as bad as I thought.

Cheers, Ralfy and thanks again :thumbup:

Thanks for the kind words :thumbup:
I must admit that the Gold dollar is definitely not the best razor ever but yours took a nice edge indeed
Happy shaves!

Best wishes and thanks again
Ralfson (Dr)
All in the good spirit of

Excellent work, gentlemen!:thumbup: