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Hi everyone, I started this new topic to draw your attention to a razor that is particularly interesting for me, I would like to know more news of this German brand. Do you also have one of these?







This is a very light razor with a very sweet cut .. RAP model 101 as the box says .. Do you have other models?

Yes, the base plate definitely looks reversible. Also the cap is beveled similar to the old Merkur slants. How does it shave?

Apparently there seem to be many reversible base plate designs in the old days.

Looks like another razor that Rockwell will have to issue a cease and desist order to since they hold the patent to reversible base plate razors. :lol
Something new for me.

Baseplate look interesting. Like it is reverseable, just like Rockwell. Am I right?

Exactly, the razor has a reversible comb. With this stratagem it is possible to adjust the agresiveness of the shave. I have already tested this razor on my skin and I must say it was very accurate and delicate. For closed combs, I personally like to always use a very sharp razor blade such as a Feather, a Gillette Rubie or a Polsilver.