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Reserved - Payment pending Raw Shaving RS-10 with 2 base plates

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I'm putting my backup Raw Shaving RS-10 razor with Aggr & Mild plates up for trade (I paid $365 plus shipping and customs fee)

Looking for a Paradigm Titanium version 1 razor (must be version 1) I know the chance that one of you guys has one of these is very slim but ..... (btw I know one is for sale on another forum but no way I'm going to pay that much for a razor)






ps. still looking for a Schick ProLine non folding razor in good condition (see picture)

Hey Snuffie free to pick up in Belgium I assume otherwise you would have mentioned a selling price right? goodjob!

If you're absolutely right then you certainly don't pay too much, so I'm going to pick up the bike now and I'll be with you in a few hours.

I'd like to serve the coffee with a cloud of milk and 2 sugar cubes, see you soon. :yes_nicken
The king should first go to Hans Anderson to get a new pair of glasses, it says “for trade” :D

so you should turn around and bike back to Utrecht and buy some soaps online to get over your disappointment :rofl
Almost? That was 4 hours ago, a bit like that “I want be buying any more soaps for a while thing of you” we have a completely opposite notion about time I’m afraid :lol

not can’t be the roads as we have some of the best in the world :cool: