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Rebirth of a Dovo


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I was recently asked by someone to give a make over to their Dovo Solingen. I thought I would document some of the steps taken, just to let you see how I work with some of the materials available.

Here is a photo of the razor before it went through its transformation.


Since this razor is a Damascus style, it was a perfect match for Amboyna wood. For some reason, I have had a lot of requests for this exotic wood lately. Here is a photo of the Dovo next to a piece of Amboyna along with the pattern on top.


After cutting a 1/8" slab out of the log. I traced out the scales and rough cut them on the band saw. After that, I stuck the two halfs together using double edge scotch tape and sanded the final edges on my 4" belt sander. I then worked the edges on my 1" sander to get the rough form of the scales. The rest of the work was done by hand to get the final details, and then I glued each scale to vinyl impregnated spacer material with T-88 epoxy.


After sanding the backing material flush with the scales, it was time to fit the wedge. Since this blade is tapered, the wedge needs to be tapered also. The thickest part of the wedge needs to be 1/2 the thickness of the pin area of the blade. This allows the scales to bow properly to allow for the taper. If you make the spacer the flat, then you will most likely need a resting pin to keep the blade from falling through. There should also be about 1/8" space between the wedge and the end of the blade.

Here is the fitting of the wedge.


And here is the glueing.


Once the wedge was set, I pinned the end and cut and sanded the brass even with the scales. Here is a picture of the final pinning front and rear.



And here is what the final product looks like now.



Absolutely Beautiful work there Ray :thumbup:
Thanks for sharing that buddy, some nice insights and a couple tips to boot.

I notice you cut 2 sets of scales, the other pair more rounded like the originals, are they for a separate job? or maybe as a nice little birthday pressie for someone (Feb 11th) cough, cough, nudge wink. .... lol
Oh, sweet jesus... :cry: :cry: :cry:

It's gorgeous!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

envious regards, :D
Ray, would you mind going into some detail about how you got that finish on the scales?

Again, beautiful work!
Hey ray theres just 1 thing I dont understand (apart from where did all the pics go?) "vinyl impregnated spacer material" whats that buddy??
tat2Ralfy said:
Hey ray theres just 1 thing I dont understand (apart from where did all the pics go?) "vinyl impregnated spacer material" whats that buddy??

It is actually called vulcanized spacer material and can be purchased here It is used in the knife making industry as spacers between handles and other parts, like brass.

I think the photo's are working now also.


Thanks Ray and yes the pics work just fine now, have you had any trouble with photobucket? I have a slide show on my forum thats just stopped working
Photobucket free version has a 10mb limit. That might be your issue if you haven't upgraded.

As for my problem, I thought the damn computers would just know when I moved things aroung to re-organize....Hahahaha.