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Restore: Mappin&Webb



Sorry, but the blade (nice!) and the scales (optically unbalanced, a-historical shape, and what on earth are those holes doing in there?) do not fit together at all.


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I think that you have done well. It is your razor! Enjoy the learning and the use of it. It should be comfortable in your hand and on your face. I have a few nice shaving razors with that blade shape. Besides that, the blade is from a company in production from 1810, they must have done something right! Illigetimi non carborundum:thumbup:
Enjoy your new-found knowledge and a nice razor.
A little history of the blade:
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I like it!

The holes add a bit of a steampunk cachet, which the Jules Verne reader in me likes.:love:

I would have used brass hardware for the occasion, but that's just me.

By the way: that's a nice looking linen you have there.

Kind regards,