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reverse progression for keenness using Jnat


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I have 2 coticules in my possession. The first is very hard and slow with water and is a fine finisher. It is a solid creamy yellow color bout marked The Perfect Edge. The second is a La Drassante au Blue which is great on my Sheffields but a little lacking in keenness on my harder steels.

Yesterday I brought out my Kanayama Asagi, and while producing an extremely smooth and keen edge on these harder steels, my face felt a bit sore later in the day as the shave was a bit too close and likely took off a fragment of skin along with the whiskers. This was after shaving with strickly a coticule edge for the last few weeks.

The question I have concerns the reasonability of a reverse progression if I want the final mellow edge of the La Drassante Au Blue but I desire a bit more in keenness. In particular does it make sense on some blades to go coticule, Jnat, and then back to coticule?


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It absolutely does make sense, if you reach the keenness you are after on your Jnat, then give it say 10 light strokes on your Coticule with water, you should find the smoothness is there, thats just what I do when I am trying out different finishers, and find they leave the edge sharp enough, but lacking the Coticule smoothness I so love.

You might have to vary the number of final Coticule strokes to find whats best for you, but the technique works well

Best regards


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I am experimenting with this also.
My current routine is best hht on dilucot with hybrid coti, Light slurry to water on jnat or 10-20 laps on crox (TI) tought strop, come back to le veinete on water only tried 30 x stroke laps but open to suggestion. Good strop on canvas/leather. I find this varies from razor to razor in terms of face comfort. Gary told me you use this method Dr Ralfson, I may be in touch if you have any tips.



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I've applied some ti crox to balsa. after coming of lv with a desent hht and good shave , i decided to do 10 laps on crox balsa. All i can say is the hht poped like a bulet, just wham straight of crox balsa. this was somthing ralfy showed me when i met up with him. Its took me until now to realy try it. It works very efective. the good thing is yoy can hit the coticule with water to finish, this will or can obtain a typical coticule edge. crox of balsa from what i hear can be a little more agressive. I think less strokes would be better , say 3 at a time, and check hht. 5/6 laps can be enought. as for leather it sems more forgiving, and you can get away with 10 to 20 laps , and still have a soft keen edge. the only differance is, you can end up with slight convexed edge, and the stone may not make contact with the very cutting edge. As joe as tryed this it still works after 10 laps , with strop pulled tight,



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If I wind up w/ too crispy an edge from the asagi, about 3-5 strokes on the asagi while DRY (not damp) returns the manners nicely.