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Revisiting the Coticule after frustration....


This is my first post here, so just wanted to say hi. :) Very happy to be a member of this forum. This place seems to be filled with the most practical advice/knowledge I have seen on honing.

Anyway, I purchased my first coticule about 8 months ago and after some frustration sold it off. I have since been honing on my J-Nat using a nagura progression subsequent to setting bevels on my Naniwa 2K.

Well, two days ago I purchased a La Veinette from Jarrod and I am diving in head first. I am getting rid of my Naniwas as I want to hone on one stone and nothing will stop me this time. :lol:

My question is: Since I do have some experience honing, although no expert, should I still start with Bart's "six day" plan to get familiar with my stone? Would this be a good place to start?


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Six day plan?

I've been on the 9 month plan :D

If such a thread exists, perhaps a link to the page? I appreciate it.


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You welcome in Of course my friend the six day of Bart is an appropriate plan to get familiar with your La Veinette .However La veinette is one of the most easy layers to reach a decent edge.


Emmanuel said:
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I had been scouring this forum prior to my purchase and had read that the La Veinette was the most forgiving, and thus, my purchase. I do not expect to become an expert with my coticule in 6 days and realize that the plan is long term, but with some honing experience, I do hope to be able to get a shave ready razor in sixt days...."hope" being the operative word. :lol:


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Some tips when you receive the stone:

1). Don't use too thick of a slurry, raise some milky slurry on the stone then dip your finger tip in water and rub it into the slurry to lighten it a bit. Use that for the bevel work and it should work out fine. Make about 2 sets of 30 half strokes and then check the edge...make some X strokes to see if the slurry is cut by the razor. This should let you pop arm hair at this point, if not start again.

2). Add more back and forth strokes as you dilute the slurry, this will make up for the hone losing speed as you dilute so you're adding keenness to the edge while you polish it.

3) Right before I add a drop of water to dilute I make about 10 X strokes just to even out the edge, it works for me...

Good luck and remember to show us pictures.