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Rudolf Stehlo, Solingen


Blade Whisperer
Rudolf Stehlo (1948-2013) was Hungarian and a professional razor grinder at Zwillingswerk in Solingen. Later - I assume after his retirement - he made razors under his own brand. To my knowledge, all his stainless razors are made of Zwilling-Friodur steel. I believe that at word, because my Rudolf Stehlo shaves very similar to my Twins.

Uncle Rudi, as he was commonly called by many of his friends and customers was a very dear man who loved to go fisshing in his spare-time. He was an all-rounder and also worked up old silver cutlery. When he fell ill from cancer he sold all his equipment and went back to Hungary to die.

In memoriam of this great razor maker and fine man here my one and only Rudolf Stehlo in 7/8":