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Seifenkiste Dillingen


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Walking through Dillingen in the Saarland this morning, we stumbled upon Seifenkiste Dillingen.


Such an old-fashioned soap shop where nothing is lying around, that we already know.
So we go inside and snoop around. The owner, a man of 70 years old, clearly still enjoys his work and is smelling and feeling it, as far as corona allows.
In the end we come out again with way too much, at least I get 3 soaps richer and two rose-lotions to finish a rose shave.
It remains to be seen if the soaps are all right, but at least they are not commonplace.


A black (well that's called so) African soap, Dudu Osun, with 30% sheabutter and ash of palm leaves, which also smells like sandalwood, lime and honey.
Then a glycerine soap with Dead Sea salt and finally an Austrian shaving soap from Ovis with sheep's milk. I am curious.