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Shaving gear box


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Well, I stole an Idea off of Rickboone on SRP
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and added my own twist.:blush:Is it stealing if I told him I was going to? The box is 7 3/4" X 7 3/4" X 2 3/4". The two pieces of wood will hold the razors in place in the box and are removable, because the sides of the box where they slide in are like so (left side <------> right side). I cut and sanded them to fit without glue or tacks. I still need to sand slots into the pieces for the razors to fit snugly in place but that will take some time, because I want each razor to fit into the wooden holders precisely, and they all have different dimensions. There is 1 3/8" of vertical room left under the wooden razor holders for open air storage for what have you.B) What do you guys think?




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Me gusta mucho!!

Last week I hunted a smaller box from my grandma's. Half as big, will accommodate just around 8 razors, but I still love it for oldschool look and the fact that it's a heritage. :thumbup:


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It is beautiful. That i can say according my wood carving experience ,is made by spanish cedar wood.
Best regards