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Show me your shaving brush collection.

The King

Well-Known Member
Yesterday I was allowed to see the pictures of Jaap's shaving brush collection, which was quite impressive.

So a topic to show everyone his collection seemed like a nice idea.

I kick off with on the first picture my badger hair brushes and on the bottom picture the Boars and Synthetic brushes.


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Definitely! At home with your wife you can F**k, in jail you get F**ked teufel_lachend

@dajd94: Had some Synbads myself and they are great brushes but I really wanted to make my den smaller so let them go. Brushes, soaps, straights and even the DE's have been brought back to small numbers, still have to give my shavettes a closer look and let some go.


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Really? :confused: You mean G*y marriage then :lol
@Jaap: I guess the saying "wisdom comes with age" doesn't apply for you ;)

btw the Shavemac's in the pics above took a long time, first ones where neither the measurements or the hair I ordered but in the end Bernd did make good and I'm very happy with them.


Absurd hero
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I will not link to footage of a certain dutch soccerplayer and his wife. Instead, I will leave this discussion until I show my own shavingbrushes.

The King

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Although most of the photos are there twice, I still dare to talk about an impressive collection.coolp:)

If you now show this post to Mrs. Koning, she will immediately agree with me that with those few brushes I own, I am only an amateur beginner. :kaputtlachen1