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Soap or cream of the week


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At work proraso white shaving soap
At home Haslinger Ringelblumen/Calendula shaving soap
At work proraso white shaving soap
At home speick men shaving cream

The Haslinger Ringelblumen last week was very good
Aromo'plantes shaving soap. It is a very soft soap. Aroma'Plantes is Lavender distillery at the foot of the Mt Ventoux in Sault. I don't get a lavender scent from it. A little bit of a minty scent. Today was not bad so we will see how the rest of the week goes.


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At work Golddachs Sandelholz Rasierseife
At home vitos extra super coco

Both create an excellent lather
This week at home Elly's wondershops 'le cachet de tabac de Maigret' and at work Golddachs Sandelholz Rasierseife