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Announcement Softwareupgrade finished...


Dear members,

we upgraded today the forum software and edit also a new template for the forum. This was a bigger upgrade than normally, so it took us a few hours. We are sorry for that.

This new template will give you a lot more options than you had in the past. We will show you the benefits of the most important options later on in special "Have you seen...?" articles in the FAQ.

One of the most important new options is the possibility for you to switch between a light background and a dark background. Thanks to this you will have now a lot more fun looking at images of the members have taken and uploaded, because it just looks so much better with a darker background.

If you want to experiment already with it, just click on the upper right-hand corner on the moon/lightbulb to switch back and forth the background.

But we are not finished yet. Of course there are many tweaks we still have to do over the coming 5 to 7 days to finetune the template and some features. So please bear with us.

We just opened a thread to discuss this new upgrade, the template and bugs etc- Please click here.

We hope you enjoy it!

Your SU-Team