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Some of my custom made brushes and DE's


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Freshly from my workshop:

Unfinished brush handles:




Cocobolo brush with 24x67 silvertip knot


Cocobolo brush with 22x65 silvertip knot


Walnut brush with 24x65 boar knot


Walnut brush with 22x65 Black Badger knot


Gabon ebony DE razor


Black palm DE razor


Cocobolo DE razor


Some of straight razor scales:







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Bart said:
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No it's not CA finish. In my oppinion CA finish is not so resistant to hits.
I finish my products this way:

1. after turning I sand it down with 120-240-500-1000 grit sandpaper
2. turpentine cleaning
3. aluminia-oxide polishing
4. turpentine cleaning
5. sealing with CCL knife handles sealer
6. apllying 5-6 coats of Carnauba Wax

More linked down:

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Thx for nice comments.
I just wish that I have opportunity to sell these products outside Croatia one day. At the moment it's not possible because I can not recive Pay Pal payment from outside.
Btw. some of the prices are:
Cocobolo 24x67 brush 65 USD
Cocobolo 22x65 brush 60 USD
Walnut boar brush 22 USD
Walnut Black Badger brush 37 USD
DE razors 65 USD

+ shipping cost of 7 USD all world.


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I unpublished your post with pricing info. It is not allowed in this forum to combine a thread that shows of the quality of your work with a sales offer. You are welcome to either show your work and ask for comments, or you can also put stuff up for sale at the Marketplace section. If you want me to move this thread to the Marketplace, just let me know. (You will need to put the price info in the first post)

Kind regards,


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Bart said:
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OK. Thx for pointing that out.
There is no need to move it to the Marketplace because as I said I live in Croatia and at the moment we can not recive payments by Pay Pal (that kind of pyment doesn't work in Croatia).
For that matter I did not put this thread in forum Marketplace but here.



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Very well done. How do you like the shave from those DE heads? I have never used them because no one seems to have any experience with them.

I almost replied saying that those handles were indeed finished, but stopped, remembering that outside of my little bubble finishing refers to more than applying a finish.:rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing.


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deighaingeal said:
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I did few shaves with this heads and can say that I can compare them with Merkur HD.
Just, this heads are little bit less agresive than Merkur HD, in other words they are not agressive at all because the razor gap is little bit smaller than gap in Merkur HD razor. The weight of the head seems to be the same as Merkur HD. Blade stays well centered between base and plate of the head. All in all they are worth money.


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Can you get a little more specific in the Carnauba wax part, please? I have it here in little pieces and I´m not sure how to use it exactly. I mean, do I solve it in some stuff? And how?

Thanks and Regards,


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I prefer not to use an emulsion because it negates one of my favorite aspects of carnauba; hardness. I either use a buffer or apply on the lathe.


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Granted that using the Carnauba as a block might allow one to apply a thicker coat, but emulsifying it and applying several coats would seem to work just as well. It would also be easier to apply to more delicate areas and without any equipment, wouldn't it?