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Reserved - Payment pending Some Stuff (Vintage and New)

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Some Stuff (Vintage and New)


Cadman 30mm Tuxedo Molton Cooper with Original Box: 90,- Euro
Vintage 18mm NOS W&R Boar Bristle Brush: 10,- Euro
SOLD Vintage 22mm NOS Perlex (Plisson) European White Badger: 80,- Euro. SOLD
Vintage 20/22mm NOS W&R Boar Brush (hi loft): 20,- Euro.
Vintage 24mm Thermos Silvertip Brush (light ring oxidation): 30,- Euro
Vintage 20mm NOS W&R Boar Bristle Brush: 15,- Euro.
New Thäter 35mm 2 Two Band Silvertip Shaving Brush: 250,- Euro


Above The Tie Collossus R2 Razor (like new): 140,- Euro
Above The Tie Collossus M Razor(like new): 140,- Euro
SOLD Rare Vintage Fasan Duramat Safety Razor (Minimal signs of age, like new): 80,- Euro SOLD
Rare Vintage German unknown "Swivel to open" Safety Razor: 50,- Euro
Vintage NEO-RAS Slant Safety Razor (Head flawless, handle light scratches: 25,- Euro
Vintage Mulcuto Slant Razor (Head flawless, handle clear signs of storage): 25,- Euro
Rare Vintage Coronation 99/66 Safety Razor TTO: 15,- Euro
Rare Vintage Tondeo T-250 Safety Razor (Handle OK, head have marks): 50,- Euro
2x Vintage Wizamet W-11 Adjustable Saftey Razors: Each 15,- Euro
2x rare Vintage NOS Rotbart No. 15 (white kind of bakelit?): Each 45,- Euro
Vintage Apollo Safety Razor (white with metall head) Handle flawless, Cap signs of storage: 45,- Euro
Vintage Gillette Tuckaway Silver (1 tooth missing, tiny crack in the handle): 20,- Euro
Rare Vintage Zwilling Henso (Good general condition): 50,- Euro.
Vintage Apollo Safety Razor (good condition): 70,- Euro.
Vintage Mulcuto Neddle-Point Safety Razor (Handle OK, head clear signs of wear): 30,- Euro
Safety Razor (Cooper/wood): 15,- Euro
Mühle TRADITIONAL Shaving Set, like new (Razor, Silvertip Brush, Stand): 80, Euro.
Vintage Weltmeister "Straight Razor" Shavette: 20,- Euro

Soaps & AS (Sets):
Stirling Gentleman NEW: 30,- Euro
Los Jabones de Joserra Kush NEW: 45,- Euro
Lothur Oregon, used once: 35,- Euro
SOLD Master Soap Creations Vintage Lapidus, used once: 30,- Euro. SOLD


Phoenix and Beau Star Noir (3-4 times used): 15,- Euro
Sirling Executive Man (3-4 times used): 10,. Euro

If you want more pictures please write a PM.

Tracked Shipping Germany up to 2kg, 5,- Euro
Tracked Shipping EU by small parcel up to 2kg, 12,- Euro
Tracked Shipping World by small parcel up to 2kg, 22,- Euro (no After Shave)

I ask for 3 days processing time. Due to Corona and the war, there will be longer delivery times.

Everything is clean and has of course been cleaned (Barbicide). You can talk about the prices as long as they are fair. For example, if someone takes several things.

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