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Something new to my boxes


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I just thought I would share something new with you guys. I am going to start offering relief carving on the custom boxes I make. Here are some designs I have been working on. What do you think?

This is on a single razor box.


Here is an owl on one of my Travel strop boxes.



And this is part of a design for a gun I engraved for someone.

I love it, Ray. This is the kind of stuff that really attracts my interest in this whole straight razor environment. What a perfect compliment to a treasured razor or travel strop :thumbup:
Very nicely executed. Would you say a few words about the process? The tools you use? Transfer techniques (if any)?

Thanks for sharing :)
I really like the owl. It goes very well with the type of wood it's on. At the same time, that is my problem with the first picture.

Yes, do tell us about the tools you're using. :thumbup:

Kind regards,
Thanks for the compliments. The wood on the razor box top is black walnut and, quite frankly, I should have just sealed it and forgot about it.

I have a very important Operation tomorrow morning and I really have to eat and get ready for bed. I will let you know what tools and methods I use maybe tomorrow evening, depending on how things go. So stay tuned!

Ray, the boxes are lovely. I agree with Bart, the Owl matches better than the leaf, but the technique is fantastic.

And take care of yourself, good luck with the operation.
You are quite an artist, Great work! I am not that skilled but i am working on a coffin for my two straights so they can rest in peace. :p