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Stando Gryphon


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First shave with the Stando Gryphon last night. This is my first razor made in Poland. The razor is made of stainless steel with a machined finish. Overall quality and finish is very good.

The Gryphon comes either with an angled cap or a scalloped one. I chose the scalloped cap version. the base plate is dual aggression with one side having a .75 gap and the other side having a 1.15 gap. the under side of the base plate has an M (medium) and A (aggressive) on each side.


I started my WTG pass using the .75 side. Finding the right angle was easy, and the shave was comfortable, however much whiskers was left over after the pass. I went with the 1.15 side for my ATG pass. It was not as comfortable, but much more efficient. I finished off staying with the A side for my XTG pass along my jawline and under my chin and ended up with a comfortable BBS.

At some times during the shave, I could feel the sharp parts of the base plates, similar to my machined Asylum McMurphy, however it did not cause any scratches or discomfort. I will probably sand over those areas to round it out. My only comment is that maybe they should have marked the sides with something other than a letter at the bottom of the base plate. Seygus made a scalloped and smooth bar. Stando might have tried a mark on the side or on the safety bar.