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Stirling Soap Company Razor


Mr. Lovan of Stirling soaps is preparing to enter the market of safety Razors. The design is very original in my opinion. I am a fan of the handle! The razor will be available in three finishes which differ in polishing. Proces will vary between 100 and 200 USD. The following video shows a one pass shave with the razor.



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They already did enter that market years ago. Have four slants by them, that they dumped as not being up to their standards: same crappy heads THB and 929shaving used. Their dumping these was a good idea. Hope they have better suppliers now.


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Apparently this new razor is machined stainless steel all around. The handle bears a resemblance to the Krect and it will cost significantly more than the old slants. I was watching out for this razor, but it came at a time when everyone else was offering machined stainless steel $100 razors, and so I lost interest after a while.