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Stupid idea to simulate beard hair


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For those who don't have hairs which respond to HHT (very thin ....), I was thinking of a way to make them more "suitable".
I was thinking of dipping hair in a solution of baking soda with water. Baking soda should open "scales" of the hair (cuticule layer) and making HHT more easy?

Surely a very old, stupid idea:blush:

I have tried it once, it seemed to work but maybe placebo effect


Well-Known Member, I love this forum! :D
There's definitely method in the madness around here.
Some of the resourcefulness shown on these boards is both impressive and slightly disturbing.
Good stuff chti_lolo. :thumbup:


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I'm not so sure this is necessary. My daughter (7) has extremely thin hair, but I can always get them to pass... Could it be that better stropping is needed? :sleep:


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I honestly don't know, but guessing, I would say over 25 mm... It's pretty far away from the holding point


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Out of curiosity, since asked, I went and tested it.

Four HHT attempts, just like I typically do, the pieces ranged from 32 to 48 mm. :)


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chti_lolo said:
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So long as it easily clips at 5 - 10mm from the holding point you should be good to go... I seriously doubt another 15mm further from the holding point will make a difference... Shave with the thing damn-it :sleep:


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Remember, this isn't a competition. Who knows what all variables are involved here? Maybe my shaky hands give me an unfair HHT advantage :lol:


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And remember that it is important to understand the hht has to be correlated to your own hair samples and the shaves that the edge gives you
It is after all a marker, and the result of it will once learned allow you to gauge how well the edge will shave

Ralfson (Dr)


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what he said...:thumbup:

If you want to correlate hair that's been dipped in baking soda to your shave results, be my guest.:)

Kind regards,