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Stupid question..


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Not really sure where to post this...

Here goes,and please dont laugh:lol:

How does one tell the difference between a slate backing or a BBW backing?

Havnt got a BBW (yet) so have no means of comparring the two types..

Okay...remember: Dont laugh!

Kind regards

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Bwaaahahaaahaaaaa !!! (Quote Ralfson) :lol: :lol: :lol:

But serious, I actually do not really know myself. But I just got a stone that appears to be a natural combo an I was wondering how I can find out. I posted the question and got this as reply:

BBW also looks kind of purple, and if you created a slurry with the BBW you will find a dark purple slurry.
Thanks David btw


I`m sure glad I´m not the only one!

To make a long story short: Have had my one and only coti for some time. One day,as I was`nt paying attention, I turned the slurry stone up side down. The result was purple slurry. Didnt pay any attention to it,as it was surely the slate causing the purple color. And it might very well be so...
Today I tried using the coticule side-not saying it`s a combo,wich actually is very unlikely as it was bought as a standart coticule at the Ardennes,though I did mention something about straight razors,Sir Bart and ;-)-of the slurry stone on the slate side of the coticule,and it gave very simular results..though a bit more grey slurry..

I simply dont know, how to tell them apart! Would pictures be of interrest?

Hey Torbs,

I guess pictures would definitely help. Not for me though since I'm a noob with blues. But I guess the other wise men here will be able to help you out.
But just to share an obesarvation: I just planed the vintage coti I scored. The slurry that came off the dark side was reallY, really purple. I mean, not just purplish !

By the way ... did I already mention:
:lol: :lol: :lol: Bwaaaaahahaaahahaaaahhaaa :lol: :lol: :lol:

BlueDun ;)
Hi Torbs,

Both my cotis and slurry stones are combo, so I can't tell the difference either.
But you will take part in Coticule pilgrimage in September, won't you?
Take your coti with you and you'll have hell lot of BBWs around to compare it to. :D

Perhaps the question was`nt as stupid as I thought:thumbup:
I have never seen a BBW nor a positive confirmation of a slate side of a coticule..The one and only coticule I`ve ever seen,is the one I own.
Though I`m quite positive,that the slurry stone is a combo,I have much doubts about the coticule. But some of the erhhh..carecteristics , caracteristics...darn,you know! seems to be in the slate side as well.

Any combination of slurry stone and hone,gives very comparitive results: Purple to purple/light grey slurry.

Now,where did our Guru go??

And yes Maro,we will meet in september for sure:thumbup:
Kindest regards and thanks for helping out
After a bit off thinking..well,it happens on rare occations!

Surely,there must be ways of clearly determining the backing?I think..

Depending on how the coticule is cut (or split?) it will leave an uneven surface. If the coti is cut(on both sides?),it must leave a plane surface.I think..

As for the backing: Is it melted /fluid or cut? If melted,it will fill all the natural gaps in a coticule,providing the coti has`nt been cut out of the rock, but broken to pieces by mechanical forces.I think..

If both are cut,it should leave an even surface... I think..;-)
But again,I have no clue. The only evidence is Sir Barts video from the quarry.

Kind regards

OK folks here it is...

look at the blue side of your slurry stone.... thats BBW, see how the surface is flecked or streaked with slight different colours, now wet your coti and make slurry with the BLUE side of the slurry stone, I will wait........

Ok, look at the slurry, no I mean look at it, feel it, smell it, name it, know it, got it yeah?.....good

Now, turn your coticule over to the blue side, and using the COTICULE side of your slurry stone this time, so we have gone from coticule hone to blue side, and blue slurry to the coticule side, wet and make slurry again...

OK, now how was that? did it feel just like the last time? look at the slurry you made... is it the same as before?
it is! then your blue side is BBW.

If instead you couldnt make slurry, or the slurry is white not blue, and making it was hard work that made a sound like fingernails on a blackboard, your blue side is slate.

I thank you.

yes please coffee, strong and white, sugar?
no thank you Turkish, I am sweet enough.

My most gracious regards
Ralfson (Dr)

oh and Torbs.... Bwhahahaha Bwhahahaha

Yeah...allready did that -several times- before you kindly answered:rolleyes:

And indeed the results were pretty much the same.. Purplish slurry..But that could also mean,that both the slurry stone and the coti has a slate backing:scared:
I`ll see if I can get my scanner working and then post a picture...

I`m starting to worry a bit...Have anyone been in contact with Sir Bart? Hope he is okay..

Kind regards


And Bwahahahahaha to you all..
Torbs, as far as I am aware Ardennes do not produce slurry stones with slate backing.
If you are creating purple slurry then I would think there is little doubt that you have a bbw there, have you not lapped it, and tried a razor on it?

Kind Regards
Ralfson (Dr) have just been shot..





Slurry stone, rubbed with the "slate" side of the coticule. The color is a bit difficult to see on the picture. It`s purplish and slightly greyish..

Coticule rubbed with slurry stone,BBW side. A very clear purple slurry.

Both back sides of slurry stone and coti, were also rubbed on at white ceramic hone. In this case the slurry looked excatly the same.

Will try honing on the back side of the coti later today. Though I doubt it`s a BBW side. It was bought at the Ardennes as a standard coticule. Though I did mention,it was for razor honing,and also mentioned Sir Bart and ;-)

Thanks chaps.

HA !
Ralfson, I think I must object.
Look at the three slurry stones I got from Bart for the slurry stone tests:

You will see that the left one is different than the other two. While the ones on the left cearly are combos with that purplish tint I am almost certain that the other one is slate.
But Bart will surely know more.

BTW Ralfy, everything alright with you, buddy?
I was clearly missing your personal undertone in your last post. It was just not :w00t: Ralfy:w00t: enough.
I would have expected half a page of evil laughs before the rest ....

And Torbs, thanks for the pictures. Just by looking at the separation line between the coti and the dark side you can tell that it is a natural combo! Glued rocks do have a straight line. You will never find waves or bigger irregularities in a glued piece.
And the slurry color also speaks for that. Slate is dark in one piece but it produces a light gray slurry.

Thanks BlueDun...

So the most effective way of knowing a slate backing from a BBW backing,would be to look at the lines sepparating the two stones.. Ahh,I see Sir Bart is online! Welcome back from your vacation Bart:thumbup: Good to have you back.

Perhaps someone would be kind, and post a picture of a confirmed slate backing?

Thanks again.

Torbs if thats not a BBW side I will eat my own
that looks more like BBW than some BBW I have ever seen my friend, go hone a razor on it ya big ninny! hahaha

And Blue Dun, I cannot tell you how hard it was for me to show such constraint, Torbs and I have truly bonded, and I now know a gentle and sensitive creature He is :p

Mind you I am still a hard ass and he is still an old bloke from Dane land!!

Bwhahahaha Bwhahahahaha Bwhahahaha

My best regards
And please god let me right on the whole BBW thing!

Ralfson (Can I have Ketchup on that please)
Mind you I am still a hard ass and he is still an old bloke from Dane land!!

You`d better watch that ass of yours ,oldtimer:w00t:
BBW or not...honed a razor on it. Standard unicut added 30% extra laps. This due to a short stone and because of the fewer garnets..If offcourse it`s a BBBW:p

Results straight off the hone were poor, HHT-0. After 16 laps on canvas with TI pasta + 60 on leather,HHT-2. Repeated the stropping once more,same way,HHT-3.

Shaved as normal,it felt better than HHT indicated.Not the best of shaves,but it was okay.
Guess I`ll have to try it on another razor as well.

It`s bedtime in Dane Land...

Thanks again.

PS Ralfy: HA!
Good work there Torbs sleep well buddy

BTW you do know that you wont get a good shave off the BBW using coticule methods dont you?
You need to do a uniblue or if your up for it a Dilublue my friend :thumbup:

Hold on theres 3 rather large young men at the door all speaking like the chef off the muppet show....Bugger!

Speak laters my friend
Hold on theres 3 rather large young men at the door all speaking like the chef off the muppet show....Bugger!

Dont worry my friend. They promised,they would just break your legs. So you will still be able to work and hone razors...

Yes,I am aware of the uni/dilublue.Just gave it a quick try with unicut,but will try uniblue later. It will hopefuly work out a tad better.

Kindest regards

Stupid questions don't exist. Maybe stupid answers do.:)

BBW slurry has a blue and/or purplish hue.

We find 2 types of slate as backing stone on the Ardennes hones. They changed from Portuguese to Vietnamese Slate recently, or the other way round, I don't recall. Both slates create a dull light-gray slurry.

The slurry of the slate just dulls the edge, without any sharpening purposes. (I actually tried it). It has no finishing qualities either (also tried that).

Torben's Coticule and slurry stone are both natural combination stones, as you guys already figured out.
Rico was also correct with his assessment of the 3 slurry stones: the left one is backed with slate.

As you were ;)

Torben's Coticule and slurry stone are both natural combination stones, as you guys already figured out.

Yes,and we did that so effortlessly and swift...ehhhmmmmm.
Thanks Sir Bart. Now I´m completely sure it`s a combo. Not that I didnt trust the rest of the guys,but now, you surrely enlightnend us all:thumbup:

Kindest regards