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Sublim / Sublim Luxus


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There are two manufacturers on the web that bear the name Sublim and produce razors and razor blades.

A safety razor by the name of Sublim Luxus can also be found in the literature and refers to E. Wieden & Co AG in Solingen, which existed from 1920 to 1930.

The company also made table cutlery (see picture with the MER brand). Since the company(s) made razors and table cutlery and both use the brand name MER, which stands for Merscheid, I presume that the razor was made by E. Wieden in the early 1920's and the company was taken over by Koch & Kessel after 1930. The razor blade, a three-hole, also suggests this.

In addition, the "Sublim" brand was a registered word mark and the writing on the razor blade or wrapper is very similar to the lettering on the razor.

Solingen Ohligs and Solingen Merscheid are two neighboring districts of Solingen.


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