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Summer Break Cannonball

The King

Well-Known Member
The first acquaintance with the Summer Break Cannonball leaves me in some despair.

That's not true for the quality of the lather because it's more than excellent what I say it's even excellent.

Lathering up the shaving soap is no problem at all and continue with this until you get a nice bowl of firm Yochurt that looks wet in the shaving bowl. This gives you a lather that offers a lot of protection and a fantastic sliding layer, as it were a pillow where the safety razor glides like a feather over it.

The first doubt concerns the smell because the description mentions a tropical day at a swimming pool. Then you expect the sweet smell of sunscreen, ice cream and lemonade and if the maker himself also mentions pineapple and orange then the association with this is complete.

With this in mind you can smell the soap for the first time and you really get a full punch in the face and the picture of sunny days falls like broken glass on the ground.

Now I also understand the name "cannonball" because you get a metaphorical sacrifice and initially more the smell of the Scheersoap Wholly Kow Cuero Oscuro in me comes to the surface.

However, lathering up the scent changes and slowly you understand what scent the soap maker meant and then it's not the natural lake or the beach that's just a day at a forest pool. I started to like it. :yes_nicken

The swimming pool in a forest filled with chlorine water and around the sunbathing meadows surrounded by pine trees as I recognize him (for the Dutch) as in the town of Putten.

And with a bit of wind from you lying on a towel the gusts of chlorine water mixed with in the background the sweet smell of ice creams and lemonade.

Very special scent that I started to appreciate more and more during the shave, but that Mrs. Koning thinks wouldn't make the garbage bin look any better, even in terms of smell.

Then we have the addition of the synthetic menthol that would provide a much longer lasting cool effect.
The other day I even read a post on a Dutch shaving forum that someone noticed a cool effect 5 hours after a shave with a synthetic menthol shaving soap. :) A promised what I didn't notice. :(

Maybe I have used too much menthol in my life but the effect lasts a bit longer as "normal" menthol but after about twenty minutes it's really over with the cooling fun.

By the way, the soap has a pleasant cooling effect which -as with menthol always happens- deepens itself a little with each time you bring the lather on your face. I would say that at its coldest the cooling effect is the same as a Proraso green.

In conclusion we can say that this is a qualitatively fantastic shaving soap with a nice dose of menthol.

The smell, however, will not please everyone and is, let's say carefully, a separate translation of a tropical day at the pool. :eek:

However, that makes this soap unique and therefore I think it's a different name because when you think through it, you might already know that there is perhaps a contradiction to be expected.
That sounds like a challenging soap, a bit like Summer Storm or Waterlyptus i presume, odd and you love it or hate it, but even the loving needs time and more exposure, as it is definitely an acquired taste. I liked (now love) the first, and i am in doubt over the second.
Chlorine on the other hand is not a smell i would want in a shaving soap, or to say it in stronger language, Heck, no way, i declare you a brave man goodjob!
Summer Storm is a very recognizable smell if you like us more than 20 years with a chalet in a forest environment have stayed. It is the forest / ground odor that is released after a heavy shower after a few summer weeks.

The water lyptus is also a fragrance that did not cause the necessary wrinkles at first acquaintance because it is also very easy to distinguish.

No, the Cannonball is of a completely different order and for the first time smelling the pot, the smell is quite confronting.

My young friend has even had a sleepless night, but of course that's still a fragile soul. :oops: