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Tatara Nodachi


After about 8 shaves, my findings with regard to the Tatara Nodachi. This was my wife's gift for obtaining my Master diploma, so a special razor for me.

Honestly I have to say that this is definitely not the nicest razor to see from my collection. The design is not my thing, although the razor is certainly not ugly. On the other hand, the finish of the razor is very accurate. I have not been able to detect any deviations.

The razort feels heavier than I expected. But because I like heavy razors, this was perfect for me. The grip has surprised me from the start: much more grip than I expected given the smoothness of the grip.

The shaving behavior took some getting used to. The effectiveness of the razor was clear from the beginning. The results were immediately smooth. However, that did not always go as comfortably. However, after a few shaves it started to feel better. I think that also depends on the blades used. I successively used the following blades:

Feather ***
Gillette Silver Blue **
Treet Platinum **
Gillette Nacet ****
Gillette Rubie *****
Personna Lab Blue **** (*)

The number of stars indicates my appreciation for the performance of the blades in the Nodachi. Especially the Rubie and Personna Lab Blue did very well in this razor, with smooth soft but at the same time very effective shaves. That brings me to the conclusion that especially sharper blades work well in the Nodachi. You can clearly feel the blade doing its job, but that does not produce any discomfort.

Now that I am used to this razor, I start to enjoy it more and more. It is possible that even my beloved Timeless will eventually be threatened on the number 1 position. And because of the Nodachi, the bar for the expected Paradigm is set quite high!!