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Thinking ahead...Inventory


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There will be always persons with disposable income. So whatever the economy, there will be sales of good quality razors and hones. Think ahead!

I am sorting an accumulation of 100+ ancient and modern safety razors for an antique store owner who bought a legacy. He will make ~40 times their outlay on the investment over the next 6 months and more in the following months. The kids wanted "cash now!"

I am an old geezer, I may have many years left of getting into trouble but I know how hard it is to sort out a legacy after someone dies. Keep all the stuff together and in places the survivors will know about!!

'Spent yesterday with a cheap diamond plate and slurry stones, flattening all my hones. I used a permanent magic marker and marked each on the back side, or in the case of double hones the sides, with what the stone type was and approximate grit. That info will eventually wear off so it needs updating on often used or favorite hones.

Perhaps a small permanently printed paper stick-on label on the back side of the blade will be my answer as to marking my non-used blades. Do not put sticky labels on the scales. The scales oxidize and the label ghost will be bright and the rest dull. Some of the razors are now going into display frames for my wall. Only the pretty ones and best quality will go there. The rest of them, properly oiled, are in, or will go into plastic storage boxes with some vents. I add camphor blocks to each box. As a young machinist I found special sponges made for tool boxes to prevent rust from forming; they were just thin sponges impregnated with camphor oil and they worked!

I am starting an inventory also. Surviving beneficiaries often want immediate sale and, therefore, having all the info in a book and where possible on the items, my kids will have it better than I did. The book should be known to the beneficiaries and not kept with the collection but separately! Might be a thought to place purchase prices into that book also. A hobby can become a business!

So, again, think ahead. Death is sure; not knowing when and how is what makes life enjoyable.

Very Respectfully
I am cross posting this. Check a forum before placing it onto it. I shall miss many! Perhaps a translated version may be of service to others on non-English speaking fora. You are welcome to post it anywhere.


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I'll have it arranged that all of my shaving stuff goes to a fellow straight shaver who I've become friends with, he can do with it as he pleases after I'm gone. btw yesterday on a flea market I just missed a whole collection of straights (43 + stones + strops) bought by a antique dealer from someone who died. Someone beat me to it :mad:


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Making preparitions to departure -whether short termed or in this case,a more permanent absence-is never easy. From my humble experience it`s a very good idea to put a mark on items meant to specific people. That could avoid some of the howling from the hungry pack of wolfs...These things are not easy in any way and even the best of friends and family ends up fighting. Thank God we wont be there to witness it:huh:



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Thanks Torbs, Good point. I might add that it would be best to do it before the time that Alzheimer's strikes. I have had experience with relatives and friends that had the misfortune to lose touch with this reality.


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Good idea Ricard.
....................although Alzheimer does not exist in Greece :scared:
Best regards