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Thumbs up to Emmanuel!!!


New Member
Hi all,

I am new member and beginner in the straight razor shave so i would like to thanks in public the Emmanuel for the help that he provided to me(honed my razor,explained me tips and the correct method of preparing the shave).
I am member of many others forums but Emmanuel's help was outstanding.
I will stay tuned here to read and learn.

Kind regards,



Well-Known Member
welcome on

You have not chosen the worst teacher:lol:

Emmanuel, through his interchange offer, has also honed a razor for me and explained me how to improve my technique.
That helps me a lot but I think the edge he put on my razor will remain my best edge for quite a while;)

kind regards



Well-Known Member
Thanks Yannis for your kind words. You welcome in Here you 'll learn everything about coticules and razors. Yannis lives no more than 15 Km of my place in Athens .A day, Jarrod from The superior shave asked help for a beginner in Greece.Was the first step of my acquaintance with Yannis.(World is small).I believe after time elapsed Yannis will give his advises to the newbe in this forum.
Best regards


Well-Known Member
Welcome Giannis (Or Yannis - you guys are confusing me:D )

Our Emmanuel is a highly resourceful fellow. :thumbup:

Enjoy your membership!



New Member
I would like to thank you all for the comments:)
Emmanouel was very friendly and patient with my irrelevance:-/
Yesterday i tried my first shave with straight razor and cutted my cheek,big cut about 2 cm:scared:
I am a little dissapointed:(


Well-Known Member
Welcome, as far as shaving with a straight razor goes, there are two kinds of shavers: (1) those who have cut themselves , and (2) those that will cut themselves. Remember, you are going to make mistakes when learning to shave. Once you cut yourself: (1) get back up, (2) learn from your mistakes, and (3) apply what you learned to improve your shaving. Only five weeks into SR shaving myself, been lucky to have access to shave ready razors thanks to the forum, I'm enjoying myself immensely.


Well-Known Member
Before using a real straight, I have tried a shavette and with that little nasty instrument every loss of concentration leads to a cut. The real straight is much more forgiving and one day as I was speaking with my little daughter while shaving I got my first (and last) big cut and even with a styptic pencil I couldn't stop the haemorrhage. So now, I don't speak while shaving.

Maybe Emmanuel as a magic recipe to stop the bleeding and help healing;)

Good luck



Well-Known Member
In general, cuts can also be sealed with CA (yes, cyanoacrylate, I'm not joking). They even have a special grade in US for it.

[box]When used for repair, ideally the wound to be closed is fresh, clean, fairly shallow, with straight edges that lie together on their own. The glue is applied to bridge over the closed edges; it should not be used within the wound (on raw surfaces), where it will impair epithelization. The only currently FDA approved adhesives suitable for use as suture alternatives are veterinary products (...)[/box]
While there's a
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using it, many craftsmen of various professions confirm they use it successfully themselves.

I tried it once on my finger - worked like a charm. Luckily I don't have too many opportunities to do so. :rolleyes:

best regards,


Well-Known Member
Hi and a late welcome from me too

Emmanuel is indeed an asset to our forum, a very wise and generous gentleman :thumbup:

I have had my fair share of cuts since using a straight razor, I have a small scar on my right cheek, and the worst one is actually right on the end of my nose! (no I dont shave my nose lol)

I also use CA glue for emergency first aid, but I have never needed it for a shaving cut, the toothpaste idea sounds great, lets hope I dont need to try it

Best wishes