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TI 's /the new bio diamond sharpening paste


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I got the full range of Bio-diamond paste and paddle. Made by TI. 6m,3m,1m,0.25m.

I honed two DA's. Using dilucot method.

I numberd the razors 1 and 2. Number one i followed TI recomendation of a progression, after honed razor which is 6m,3m,1,0.25 followed by cr.ox. i think this seems to extreme.

Number two razor i stropped as usaul.

I did blind test on each side of face, to compare.

First side, shave was good smooth. I could not decide wheather it was coti honed or paste.

Second side, shave was good softer and felt smoother, i thought that has to be coticule edge, i could just tell. I looked at my notes,and it sure was coticule edge.

Both razors were good. The coticule edge was very nice. This is only 4th razor i have tryed bio paste .If you have a well honed razor fron your stone, i no i would never need to use the bio diamond.

If your razor is not quite there it would be great stuff. It's the first time i've realy tryed diamond paste. It is very agressive stuff, the first two razors i used it on, boy was they harsh on my face. As for cr.ox and TI's rasoir pate they are not agressive and i find they work realy well. One thing i have noticed shaving of the coticule for so long, is you kind of get use to the smooth edge and don't realize i good it realy is, un till you get an agressive edge of somthing else.

There's no way i would think any one who can hone to a 60 percent level, would need to start at 6m. This is in TI manual i carn't get my head round it. I don't no and have never heard of any one finishing of there final hone ,that being 8k to 16k, then starting at 6m - 1m - 3m - 0.25m cr.ox. then strop? this seems far to over board.


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true that guys. I've also notice that the edge coming off a coticule is a lot more forgiving. It's true that I could probably pass the HHT a little better coming off the Cr0, but the margin of error as far as shaving was also significantly lower. The coticule still cuts hair with no effort at all, but the risk of slicing yourself up is lower as well I believe.


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You will be able to pass hht of coticule, just give it time and practice.

i tryed paste again, same routine 6m,3m,1m,0.25m. Rehoned on the coticule and finished on cr.ox which takes the bite out of diamond edge. And it was much smoother. Passable. I think, you could finish coticule honing, finish on some paste, if your lacking keeness. Then add 50 laps on coti with water and then you would have, smooth sharp edge.

I purchased a nos inox puma. That was pre honed and finished on 0.5 dp, 0.25dp.
The shave was fine but not as smooth as i like. I did 50 laps on my coticule, water only, that razor was realy smooth and gives me the best ever shaves. Somthing to try!


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That all makes sense esp when you think that apart from us guys, most people see the coti as a finishing stone only.


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oh don't get me wrong I can get HHT off the coticule no problem. I just find the edge more forgiving


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Thanks Gary for that little write-up. :)

I'm also quite pleased to hear that you still got the nice smooth shave off of the coticule edge. :thumbup:


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paul, the one i have is a beauty it is as new 6/8. The shave is A1, i paid $379 for it from bob keyes. It was worth every penny.

I've tryed bio pasted edges tonight and to be fair they seem very smooth. I'm sure now the paste has realy settled its working better.


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garyhaywood said:
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Wow, I was wondering how my purchase price compared. I paid $150 on German eBay for my 6/8 Inox Puma in good condition and faux Tortoise. I thought I may have paid too much, but it's a bit rarer so I went for it. I'm pretty pleased with it too. I doubt seriously that I'll ever sell it:)


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Thanks for the review gary.

I have found with pastes, lynn's axiom "Less is more" is definately true.

I have never liked the diamond pastes, but i hear they are a different beast on felt.

I have been using cerium oxide on linen lately, but i wouldnt do more than 5 strokes on it.

CrO seems to be the most "forgiving" paste in my experience, in terms of number of strokes.

just my $0.02, which is probably < 0.01 when converted to the euro :)


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The thing with diamond paste , is from what i can gather the diamond paste cuts with more jagid
particules, Thats why the cro.ox takes the bite out of the edge.I have to say this new bio paste is very power ful.Cuts extremly quik. I honed a razor on heavy slurry. I then did 5 laps on 6m, 5 laps 3m, 5 laps 3m, 5 laps 1m , 5 laps 0.25 then finished with 5 crox. The razor was passing HHT 5 plus.

It is far a head of dovo paste and the diamond paste.Its the best i have tryed.

The only down side is it is expensive, but i'm sure it will last me years.

As said less is better with this paste. To many laps will make the edge to harsh.I'm sure that it would take 3 laps 1m 3 laps 0.25 and 5 cro.ox would all that would be needed for touch ups.