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Tibet Forest Fresh shaving cream

Yehuda D

Well-Known Member
A terrific but very difficult to find cream from Bangladesh. Here’s a review of it!

Ease of lathering: 10/10–A small dab is all you need for rich, thick, luxurious lather!

Longevity of lather: 10/10–Perfect stability for a multi pass shave!

General skincare: 8/10–Pretty good that way also. Quite mentholated also.

Scent: 8/10–Soapy, but also sporty. Very nice.

Price: 7.5/10–In Bangladesh it costs next to nothing but anywhere else it’s not so cheap if you do find it.

Would I buy again: 10/10–Definitely. I’m a repeat buyer since a couple of years.

This cream is used in Bangladeshi barbershops and it’s the top selling cream in that country.