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Top 5 wishlist safety razors


This morning I was wondering which Razors I would consider buying in the future. I am very interested in the following 5 razors:
  1. Rocnel Elite 2019
  2. Charcoal Goods Level 2 Closed Comb
  3. Rex Ambassador
  4. PILS
  5. Carbon Shaving Co Model Cx
Also very interested in a Paradigm and a Colonial Silversmith, but those Razors I already ordered.
Also maybe I want to try a slant razor in the future.

It is very clear that this list is a dream, otherwise I think my house has to be sold :).

I am very interested in what your top (5) Razors are which you want to try or to buy in the future.


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My experience with the razors from your dream list
Rocnel Elite 2019 fantastic!
charcoal lvl 2 SB good razor
Rex Ambassador not for me
Pils really really really good razor
Carbon Shaving good razor but for me ugly looking and unexciting shaves (for lack of better description, but must admit really good shaver)

Paradigm? I'm biased because together with Rocnel they are my favorite razors. If the Diamondback shaves as good as the Javelin you're in for a real treat!

Sold my house long ago ;)

My list of razors I'll buy? The Tradere from Blackland is the only one that comes to mind.

The King

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For me, the (already ordered) Paradigm Diamondblack and the Saba slant are currently on the wish list.

And then it is sufficient considering the number of safety razors I already have in my possession.

Although according to my wife that is what I say every time I get curious about a new even better safety razor that will shave better than all the others. :rolleyes:

So I can kindly ask the enabelers not to place any more enthusiastic news about safety razors here. :trollalarm


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Everytime I consider buying a safety razor (latest: Paradigm) I think that my blackbird mulcuto, Lutz and 37c are more than good enough and my preferences are straight Razors!