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Touch-ups... where to start?


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This question is regarding a razor that has previously been honed to shave ready, used for some time, and is now to the point where it is starting to pull and needs a touch up...

In this situation, assuming a person has a honing set-up like mine, with a seperate finishing stone, like a Thuringian... would it be best to:

1) Touch up with the Thuri, with water

2) Touch up coticule, with water, then the Thuri, with water

3) Touch up coticule, with light slurry then water, then the Thuri, with water

My thought is that #2 is best, and that there is no need to go back as far as the slurry stage, but I value any advice that you can give me.



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it depends on the condition of the razor, how long it has been since it was honed. I personally would go to coticule on water, test shave and if it isn't sufficient go to coticule on light slurry then coticule on water. I do have to say I only hava a coticule and don't have any experience with thuringians or so so I can't help you on that part.

kind regards


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As said from me, we have an article in the sharpening academy that covers touch ups, also I find that my Coticule edges if done right, barely benefit if at all from a thuringian, I would try touch ups on both stones and see which you prefer

Ralfson (Dr)


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Thanks guy... sorry for the redundancy Ralfy.

Here's a link for anyone reading this thread who may have similar questions.