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Trapped Miners in Chile


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Well, I know these miners do not mine Belgian Coticules; however, I feel that many of us would and do sympathize these miners.

Here is a Wikipedia link about the mining accident for those that haven't kept up with the news.

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A news article mentioned that some compare the response to this accident to the Apollo 13 space mission turned rescue. From what I have read, the rescue plan for these miners has been a very international affair.

Fortunately, as of the time of this post, 5 of the 33 miners have been rescued. Here's hoping the rest of them make it :thumbup:.


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God bless them all, that is unbelievable, it really makes you think doesnt it, they must have solid resolve to have survived so long

the rescue equipment looks and sounds like something from Thunderbirds, fantastic

Gods speed for a swift and safe recovery

I am Speachless

Ralfson (Dr)


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I just couldn't imagine having to go through that.

Thanks Altshaver.


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I've been down ~1800ft in an 'elevator' once that was ~3-4 times the size of the Fenix capsule. It was no picnic. I can't even imagine what it's like (and has been like) for these guys. Excellent display of teamwork, expertise, and attention to detail. Amazing what can be done when you leave the political crap behind....


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Wonderful example of human resolve and faith.
Great feat of engineering too.

Just watching the look on the faces of all concerned at the shaft site was quite emotional.


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And someone might think this is a huge media stunt.Did someone say "politics" ?

I`m quite sure the president will keep his post for some time.