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Two new vintage coti's. Any ID?


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The left is ~7.25x2 and is a deep gold color with a speckled white streak pattern that looks very porous It has some very faint dark patterns spreading through it and some red veins that I suspect are iron deposits.The BBW matches the streak pattern and has a couple small white/peach spots, but is otherwise unremarkable.

The right is ~7.5x1 and is a light yellow with a few shadows and some light brown freckles that look like tiny grains of rice. It's the thickest yellow coti I have. ~12-14mm thick I'd guess. The bottom half is completely unpatterned and smooth, It looks like a Dark Blue Thuringian with the BBW sparkles throughout it. It's very thin ~4-5mm. I'm not 100% convinced it's BBW. It may be some kind of slate for all I know.
It's not possible to determine the layer names of vintage Coticules. There were many different mining spots at the old days, that accessed one of 4 existing Coticule Coticule deposits. Due to the vein shape of these deposits that can be mined at location that are often several km apart. Each deposit has it's own layers, sometimes they used different names for the same layer, depending on the mining spot. Sometimes they even used the same name for layers of a different deposit. I can't possibly know the morphology of layers and deposits that haven't been accessed for decades, unless we would find a printed source with proper descriptions. I doubt such a source exists.

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