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Unknown „J. ST + crown“


Blade Whisperer
Gentlemen, I Need your help to identify this nice straight:

Bought on E-Bay some months ago, but was not able to get any further information. First I thought it could be an English one, but indeed nothing leads to Britain. Nothing to find on the razor than the initials „J.ST“ Puls a crown that is like the one Thiers Issard still uses. Due to the more or less old French point I think it could be a french made razor, maybe made for a particular retailer in France, Belgium, Netherlands. The scales are from Horn and the spacer from lead. An, it shaves great.

Also very nice. Some time ago I googled a site that showed many symbols of various French cutlery’s. Indeed, pre 1900 they used more symbols than their names. I might to have seen the symbol with the cross and diamond there but unfortunately I can’t find the page anymore. I would guess to one of the old cutlery from Thiers.