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Unusual old Coticule


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Have a look at this. Has anyone ever seen a Coticule of such hue? What's interesting is that the stone is pretty much dished also on the BBW side, so some folks were using it in the older days, too. :)

Click the side picture to see 100% magnification.

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Wow, fascinating - any information about the provenance?

May be yours is from a stratum that is millions of years older!


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I'm not sure that's a coticule to be honest. The joint between the colors and the nature of the gouges don't look right to me, but I'm not an expert on coti's.


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SliceOfLife said:
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I've never seen a Coticule looking like that.
I'm not even sure it's a natural rock we're looking at. It wouldn't be the first manmade hone with a irregular line between 2 layers of different properties.

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If it is BBW with the telltale purple slurry id be pretty sure it was a Coticule
If not... well how does the edge feel off it?