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Vie Long TSN LE White badger brush


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I have been indirectly involved with this brush , which is the foroafeitado Vie Long LE 2018 brush , but with different hair , in this case the European White badger.


This brush has a 26 mm knot , a 53 mm loft and a total height of 105 mm , making it a medium size brush.

And , as I was pointing out earlier , the badger hair used on this LE brush is the European White from the Meles Meles badgers raised in China , instead of hog badger , which is mostly used to make the two band brushes/knots these days.


The brush has a very high hair density , reminding me of the old Morris and Forndran blonde badger brushes (circa 2010-2012) , as you can see on this pic :


I have the advantage that I already have used one of the prototypes of this brush and I already know how it “behaves”...for the die hard face latherers our there this brush is a dream.Soft tips (they even get softer with use) , firm backbone mixed with a good flow/flexibility.
The tips are soft and they’re non bleached , but Vie Long treat the badger hair on a way that it softened it.

It blooms perfectly for me (I’m another die hard face latherers) also reminding me of the old Plisson European White brushes :


Perfect to use with triple milled soaps and a lather machine , making larger very fast and easy , with no too much effort and not absorbing the larger like other high density hair brushes.

No matter of you use circular or painting movements , the knot works well with both of then.And if you use it for bowl lathering , the same.

What can I say ? I might be bias since I’m from Spain and been a Vie Long user for a loooong time now , but Vie Long uses some of the best badger hair out there , no matter 3 band or 2 band and this brush , as well as the foroafeitado LE 2018 , is a clear example of that.

And for its price , a total steal , for a brush 100% handmade in Spain by shaving brush artisans.

Spanish pride indeed.

¡ Larga Vida a Vie Long !
Great review. I owned a couple of Vie-Long brushes, but they were all horse hair. For a long time, I thought that was all they made, however this white badger looks interesting. This will be another thing to put on my ever growing list of things to get. Looks like I better start my Autumn cabbages and broccoli very soon, as I see more soups and stews for the rest of the year. ;)
Seems like they will be going up in price very soon, better act now.
Thank you so much for your kind words , gentlemen.

I truly can recommend this brush with my eyes closed.Vie Long have made a superb brush and this badger hair is quite unique these days of hog badger bleached (most of the two band hair these days)

Is price right now is a steal for it's quality and type of badger hair.
For us europeans the cost of importing makes this brush a expensive one :(