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Vintage DE blades - displaypacks

Postwar Fasan. This type shipper was used for a short period for their razors, I suspect that the case for blades too.
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My camera decided to focus on mr Globusmens' head. Funny how an older threehole blade is pictured whereas the modern longhole blades are advertised
No DE blades, but old injector blades. So please move if inappropriate.

On the box it states 10 blades. On the injector itself 4 blades. I would have liked it the other way around. I haven't used them yet. There could still be 10 blades in them.

@efsk You have plenty of stuff related to shaving. I am not collecting blades or displays, but this is impressive. Ever wondered why us collectors we're doing this? I mean I can understand vintage razors, but boxes of blades...
Sorry, I am trying to wrap my head around that.
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Max Herder blades.

The text is in Dutch. Translation is

Our Herder blades may only be traded/sold in undamaged packages and our prescribed trading conditions. The mandatory sale price is fl 1.10 for a box of 10 blades.

Converted to € it is 0.50. I don't know how old the blades are, but adjusted for inflation blades are now a lot cheaper. I now payed €5 so we can safely say it was a bad investment to buy them and not use them. Makes me think I have easily 2000 plus DE blades. So better use them it doesn't make a pension plan keeping them for a rainy day.