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VTG Coticule ID


Hello, everyone. This vintage coticule arrived today, and I am very excited about it. I think it's absolutely lovely, and I'd like to know a little more about it: age (mined), layer name, whatever. Here's what I can tell you.

The wood paddle is custom shaped for this particular stone, and the fit is perfect. (Not a single mm space anywhere around the stone.) It was glued inside the carved recess with some reddish stuff, but the stone is free now. The coti itself is exactly 7" long and 1.5" wide (average) and .5" thick. The surface is covered with light surface scratches which hold a little dirt, but most of the lines you see are part of the stone.

I won it for a song on auction. =)


On the last picture it looks like the bottom half is kinda brownish wich might indicate it's a Les Latneuses.
I am sorry, but it is currently next to impossible to determine vintage Coticules.
For more explanation, please read this thread:
We have plans for a project to gather data about vintage Coticules, aiming to provide more information about them in the future.
If all goes well, the project will start in September.

Kind regards,