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Reserved - Payment pending Want to trade Blackbird Brass for a Charcoal open comb lvl 2 or a dual Comb DC lvl 1, or SB level3 , i can be open for a DC lvl.2 copper only .

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This Blackbird is in perfect state . Only use one time . My description say all . I can be open if it's not the completely razor to trade for just a Head preferably OC Lvl2 , level1DC or sb or SB level3.
I can add a "Tibam" Handle titanium if necessary or ...? we can talk ... :)
Trade is possible too with a Yates precision with H plate sb and M plate .Never use . IMG20210216181604.jpg 1

IMG20210203145021.jpg IMG20210203145037.jpg IMG20210203144617.jpg IMG20210203144625.jpg
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