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What kind of watch do you wear?


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Well watches are my other passion and as such I thought I would start a thread to see if others share a similar interest.

here is my modest collection

Debaufre Ocean1 - 44 Magnum auto (just got it last week and absolutely love it)
Tissot T-race Carbon Fiber edition
Luminox Stealth on Nato strap
Marina Militare custom
Puma SS white dial quartz movement
Casio Mudman Gshock Atomic/Solar
O&W Cougar II with ETA 2824


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Currently my only watch is an Oris... Complication... I think.
I am old fashioned preferring the ones that go "tick tock" and you have to wind the thing to get it going (or strap it on and stay alive to keep it going).
My grandfather wore a gold plated Timex (still looking for that one BTW... think my aunt stole it lololol). Do they still make Timex?

I am thinking my next watch will be a pocket watch.


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Luminox here also!


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tat2Ralfy said:
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:thumbup: :thumbup:

Same here! I sleep when im tired, eat when im hungry, go out when I feel like it, not when the time dictates i should B)

ACtually, im hungry now - breakfast time :lol:


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I'm a watchless barbarian too.

I have a mechanical pocket watch sitting somewhere, that I got for my 14th or 15th birthday. The inside lid caries a picture of an old girlfriend. :D



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I'm not a fan of quartz movements either. I much prefer my automatic watches. The smooth sweeping movement...just love it.


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No watch here. There are clocks all over the place so I don't have need for one. When I'm walking outside I'll sometimes check my phone to see if I need to run to catch the train.

I do like those skeleton watches, though.

towliff said:
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That's kind of like my motto. Eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty, and sleep when you're tired. It doesn't always hold up, though. :lol: