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What Slants do you own

Wilco Roos

Well-Known Member
I have some Slants, and i am always looking to find more (if my wallet does not scream that is).
So i thought to show them, and hope to see what other folks have for Slanted and Warped Blade holding equipment ;-)
Here are mine!

Maggard Slant
Merkur 39c
PAA Alpha Ecliptic
Seygus Zeppelin
Mulcutto Schrägschnitt Bakelite with metal top plate

I have a PAA OC Bakelite paid for but still not on its way here, and i am bidding on another Slant right now.

There are no "around" 360 but, to be precise, 10. :lol

Top row from left to right:
- Fasant (slant with unfortunately a broken bottom plate)
- Mulcuto Schrägschnitt
- Mulcuto Nadelspitzen
- Windrose
- Windrose

Lower row from left to right:
- iKon 102
- ATT-S2
- Parker 55SL-RG
- Lutz
- Apollo
Jealous of that Apollo!
6th picture from the top :)
And then the middle row to the left? :confused
No, al of them. Well, there's 2 Ben Hur in that pic, that are identical to some Apollo's. Same razor, different brand.

No, I thought I recognized in this the one I own that Wilco is so jealous of.:confused

But maybe you want to highlight another gem for Wilco, the Saba, so it's still one of the most lovely shaving slants I ever shaved with.;)