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What vein is this?

This beautifully variegated speciman is tons of fun to hone with. I have only 4 different pieces, but compared to the others this seems to darken slurry quickly and has a soft creamy feel. I have seen pictures of similar stones, but labeled as 2 different things. Could you please tell me what this one is?

Thanks a bunch,



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It looks like a La Petite Blanche, at first sight, but I really need to see pictures of the entire Coticule (surface and side views), to answer it with more probability.

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OK Sorry, I'm still figuring out how to post pictures. Here, I hope, is bigger pictures of the entire stone, but with coarser resolution.



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La Veinette normally shows white lines at the lateral side of the BBW part. But there have been strange looking specimen, mined from the very bottom of the deposit, confirmed by Maurice Celis, to originate from the La Veinette layer, that didn't look "Veinette" at all.

It's hard to tell with this one. It still looks like a La Petite Blanche to me, but it misses the tell-tale blue line at the side of the Coticule part.

Or in short: I really don't know.:rolleyes:

Kind regards,
Thank you gentlemen. A little mystery just adds to the fun. If I had more experience I might be able to tell something by the way it feels and hones, but looking so similar maybe they would perform alike as well. It's easy to use, slurry darkens quickly, and even I can get a sharp razor off it. Thanks again and cheers! Jack