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What's your favourite soap/cream?


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Hey guys,

I thought I would start a thread about creams and soaps.

I currently own the following:

- Proraso Green
- Proraso White
- AOS Sandalwood
- Speick soap
- Palmolive soap
- Tabac soap
- Fijtar soap
- CF Lime
- C&E Nomad soap
- Body Shop new formulation cream

I just got the CF and the Fitjar for christmas and honestly I don't know what the big deal is about them especially the CF. The reviews are so good about it, but I fail to see why it's commanding such a high price tag.

What about you guys?


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Oh also forgot to say that here in Canada, Shopper Drug Mart (our national pharmacy chain) carries a few proraso products

proraso green (tube, tub and can)
Proraso white
Pre/post proraso cream


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I havent used any of them. I prefer soap to cream. I use Mitchel's Wool Fat. Have tried TOBS limes cream, GFT lavender and also violet creams.

I thought the same with all the creams - not as moisturising as the soap.

I shall grab some glycerin and try 'uberlather' B)


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Cool. I'm still not 100% set on either soaps or creams. I alternate quite a bit. I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the CF Lime I got for christmas. It smells alright, but the lather, slickness and cushion, just isn't there I think. At $40 a pop it's not cheap either. I much prefer my Proraso or Tabac.


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richmondesi said:
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Join the secret "We don't shave with humbug"-club. :D :D :D
As soon as I get that damned PM system online, I'll send you your password.

I shave with a 50/50 mixture of Palmolive and Tabac, both soaps. (I find the scent of pure Tabac too poignant)
On special days, I treat myself with the merits of a good cream. "Domenico Caraceni" and "Acca Kappa 1869 Almond cream" are my favorites, but I have little experience with different creams. I have tried a few others that I liked less.



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Bart said:
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I'm looking forward to our first international conference:D

Now to my favorite soaps. I use the DR Harris line of soaps, Art of Shaving soaps, Trumpers soaps, Castle Forbes creams, old formula Penhaligon's, Crabtree & Evelyn, and Pre de Provence Green Tea. All of which I prefer to Tabac (I feel like it leaves a film on me that seems to chap my skin). Recently, a friend of mine whose parents own a soap company have started working on a shave soap that is tallow based (unfortunately not triple milled though) that is pretty nice. I'm just about set for a couple decades, but I'm having fun with that little enterprise's efforts.


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Ignoring the fact I'm not (yet) shaving with straight razors, I do use a mug & brush for lathering up. Even with a double edge Gillete the results are better.

I've been using a transparent glycerine soap with a sandlewood scent and have no idea where it came from, as it turned up shortly after I got the mug. It's enough for now, but eventually I'm going to have to locate a source.


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Soaps I use
old Spice
Kent Luxury

Creams I use
TOBS Lemon/Lime
Real Shave Company

Think thats about it off the top of my head, if I am mixing in a bowl which I do mostly, i add a squirt of glycerine, makes for wonderful stuff.
My favourite by far at the moment is Lea Cream, man this stuff rocks!! its got fantastic Glide, provides a great cushion and has never left my skin dry, the scent is very mild so it wont get in the way of aftershave/cologne etc.
To be honest though I do like the others, Old Spice and tabac soaps are both very very good in my opinion, in fact the only soap I have and dont use is a handmade honey and mint one, its ok but the lather just doesnt last.

If I had to choose one of each only, I think it would be Lea cream as said, and either Tabac or Old Spice soap, but Palmolive soap is good too oh bugger thats 3 soaps and I havent even said I like prorasso and ingram a lot yet!!

We dont have to choose do we? no body said we had to make a choice did they? bollocks, its the same with me and razors, I started a rotation but couldnt stick to it, I now go as far as getting my shave gear for the evening shave ready before we leave for work, and when I get home at night I often change my mind!!!

Indecisive Moir?? hahahaha


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well tried the CF Lime again this morning. This time I tried face lathering as was recommended to me on B&B. I'm still not liking it very much. It smells nice, but that's about it. I much prefer, proraso, tabac.



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tried the CF again this morning and it's just not going to happen. It doesn't glide worth shit and makes my face feel really sensitive afterward. If I use my proraso white for example, my face feels so nice and refreshed after I shave.


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How much you want for it?

Seriously. CF LImes is heaven in a jar.

My current favorites are...

La Toja Sensitive
The Bosy Shop Maca Root

Penhaligon's English Fern (Old Formula...)
Irisch Moos (Or Tabac in a pinch)


Used and using so far:
TOBS creams and soaps (Soaps rule)
Mitchell's wool fat soap (love it)
D.R. Harris soap (doesn't float my boat for that price)
Some german goatmilk soap (if only I could find more of it, but the name eludes me)
Crabtree & evelyn Sandelwood
Vergulde hand

Haven't ried C.F. Trumpers yet
Mama bear has some good reviews as well, but haven't tried.