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Where is Everyone


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What the hell is going on over there, a holiday of some kind? For two days it has been remarkably quiet and I am suffering a little withdrawal.


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Well, Dennis, it's just finally most of us got fed up with your 'sense of humor'... :lol:

But seriously, my case is that we left the city to visit friends, just that! I guess that shopping time is coming, anyway :)



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Umm... we have lives, and sometimes, we go away and do things. That's a good thing B)


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I, unfortunately cannot post from my phone 90% of the time. I usually post when I get to school, but finals are over for the quarter.
I must say that unlike Paul I have no life. I live and breath this forum. when things move slowly I cry.:p
I am busy with brushes for Christmas and designing a couple of razors. I am also getting some side jobs to help pay bills.


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Associates have lifes too, for me its not all razors, forums, driving at reckless speeds through the English countryside, Tattoos, loud music and controlled substances you know.....

Oh wait!


Actually we have spend the day with my parents, although we did find time for a little of the

Ralfson (Dr)