Where to buy my first Coticule from UK?

I've been looking into having a 'one hone' solution for keeping my shave-ready razor keen. I'd like to have one hone for now and will probably send my razor off to a honemiester if anything major needs doing.

Does this
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look any good? The crack, although superficial, has made me a reluctant buyer.



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I've seen this hone on the site and according to Neil the crack doesn't effect honing.
You can take Neil at his word, he's a top bloke.
Alternatively, you could take a look at this UK site http://www.theinvisibleedge.co.uk/razorhones.html#coticule.


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Either Invisible edge or direct from Ardennes, if you go direct you can state which layer you would like, however as Gary said Steve is a great guy :thumbup:

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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steve has in stock with a box and plus delivery for about £55 which is good prive i think it 15x40 which is a nice size . the coticule he sell s are direct from ardanees.


ps ask him if he has any instock that are natural bbw/coti , they somtimes get sent like that at no extra charge