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Wide bevel dilucot modifications?


Well-Known Member
I have a 13/16 Maher & Grosh that has some pretty good hone wear, and a fairly wide bevel. I have been having a hard time getting good results with dilucot with it. I had to go back to a light slurry several times to even get any HHT at all.

I am trying to stay away from tape, if I was going to tape it I would just do unicot on it. How do I need to adjust my dilucot to get good results? More halfstrokes per dilution?


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Wide bevels can be a real pain. They have a lot of surface area to spread out your honing action and on top of that you need to remove much more steel to achieve the same results. And you can't apply more pressure without limitations, because at a certain level, the blade will start to flex. But if it's a thick grind, you could try a bit heavier hand.

Other than that, it's all about patience and doing more laps, the later in the process the more. But even then, those wide surface areas can generate suction between the surface of the hone and the bevel face, with fluttering of the thinnest part as a result. (The outcome of that can be seen with magnification as a narrow strop stray scratches at the very edge) This can prevent the very edge to develop that final bit of keenness. Stropping strokes of a very light slurry sometimes help, and these edges are a great candidate for soap/wax-trick treatment (which is still in experimental stadiums, but it does work)

Finally, honing on a very narrow hone, is something that can make all the difference on these suckers. Less suction, more relative pressure.

Sorry for this rambling answer, but honing, also for me, is sometimes a matter of trying till something works. The good news is that it always does. Sooner, but sometimes later. :rolleyes:

Good Luck,


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Thanks Bart, I will keep messing with it. When I have it shaving good, it is my favorite shaver.

I am finding, just in general that I was getting easier results on the dressante that I had as opposed to the LPB I have now. I understand fully that I just need more time with the stone to get there.


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i'vbe had similar problems. One thing that worked for me was working on the bevel alot longer than i needed. Also i did dilucot on one layer of tape. I no you wanted to stay away from tape.i also did more laps and a little more pressure all the way to the end.