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  1. R

    Gillette Knife Scalpel All Original W Hard Plastic Sheath

    SOTD 11/15/22 Richards Razors We Are Selling Price $35.00 Shipping $5.00 USA We Now Use 'Global Shipping' For International Orders It Is Much Less Expensive Than USPS! SOTD 11/15/22 Gillette Knife Scalpel All Original W Hard Plastic Sheath...
  2. efsk


    After years of searching one of my holy grail razors finally arrived. Family resemblance with other offerings from producer Hermann Zaiss is unmistakable: same two-tone handle, same head, similar clasp-mechanism to connect both. Except of course, this is not slanted. And the base is blank...
  3. efsk

    Unknown Adjustable Angle Slant

    Been sitting in my displaycabinet for quite a while now, never used it as it's too pretty. Kabrand-type adjustable angle razor in pastic, with metal cap. Cap is interesting, in that it has a triangle kind of shape. DRPG, so apparently German made.