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Hello, I mainly focused on razors to finally find my holy grail. I admit that during this time I gave up shaving brushes. I just use an omega 26. I don't like synthetic. I have found that a lot of people attach great importance to badgers.
I admit that I am lost in this area. Which badger would be in your opinion completely correct for me, knowing that I am not an expert in this field (badger) ... Omega 26 suits me well friends I feel like a man prehistoric when I roll out threads on many forums. :oops::cool::p

The King

Well-Known Member
After having had many different brushes from various brands, the OUMO brushes are the absolute winners for me.

My favourite brushes are the OUMO Pandorra 26 mm. Fan Silvertip Manchuria and the OUMO Terracotta Warriors 26 mm. SHD HMW gel silvertip

Absolute bummer the Shavemac with a D01 knot which constantly fell out.

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