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Jayaruh Brushes


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As I said in my introduction, I make shaving brushes. I am retired, and it gives me something to do. I have made 441 brushes so far, and most of them have been adopted. I have owners in the USA, UK, Canadia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, New Zealand, Portugal, India, Italy, China, Albania, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, and Texas.
I do not sell my brushes, but I adopt them out for a nominal adoption fee. I have slowed way down since last year and only make brushes on request. If you google Jayaruh Brushes you can see some of my work.
Here is my first brush creation, Jayaruh #1.

You can see all my creations here:
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The first handle I made with a lathe was Jayaruh #98. All predecessors were made by hand using various other tools.
I recently made Jayaruh #440 by hand without the lathe.
I have made a number of Celtic Knot handles. Here is one.
Last year, I experimented with plywood.
I also enjoy making 400 type brushes.
It's fun and keeps me out of trouble, for the most part.
keeps me out of trouble, for the most part
Intriguing :lol

Lovely work, these really look great. Amazing that you made so many without a lathe!
thank you very much you made everything so easy the hardest part was deciding which ones :schlaumeier1lol
I am looking forward to their arrival!!
My brushes arrived!! I absolutely love the wood grain on these and the fact that these are one of a kind!!! :nic1:yes_nicken No one else will have a brush like these and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to have someone’s fine craftsmanship in my shave den!! Thank you Jim!!!