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Looking for help in Belgium


New Member
Hi all,
I got into straight razor shaving some 15 years ago. In the beginning, I sent my razors out for honing when needed. After some time however, I've decided that I wanted to learn how to maintain them myself and living in Belgium, the obvious choice was to invest in some coticules. Sadly, I never managed to get a decent edge on my razors and after some time got frustrated with it and threw the whole lot in a closet. Fast forward 10 years: having become more mature I decided to give it another go. I read all the tutorials again, watched all the videos again and went for it. Halas, no luck. I can't even get my razors to shave arm hair, let alone making them shave ready. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and if my coticules are any good for what I'm trying to achieve. Through the website I gravitated towards this forum and that is that. What I hope to find here is someone living in Belgium willing to teach me how to properly hone my razors, take a look at my stones and technique and hopefully this will help me to achieve a usable edge.


Well-Known Member
I live in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) but if you like to visit there we could look at it together if none from Belgium steps forward.

Just let me know if intrested I got a complete Synthec, Jnat and Coticule arsenal we can try :)