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Razor burn on neck


New Member
I am new into DE razors and previously have been using an electric razor. I can shave and get no razor burn everywhere but two spots on my neck. I can even go against the grain everywhere else with no problem. Is this possibly from using too much pressure and still learning technique? I plan on trying some new blades out as well. I get a few nicks on my neck, and it’s where my alum will sting.


Well-Known Member
There is actually a lot you can do. But you need to do them all.

  1. Take a break fro shaving for at least 6 days
  2. Wash you face with a good cleaner twice per day morning and night (Cerave facial foaming cleaner)
  3. Apply good quality serums on all of your face and neck ("The ordinary" Niacinamide 10% (at night) and Marine Hylauronics (morning )or both in a 3 minute interval) twice daily after you wash your face
  4. Apply a moisturizer ("The ordinary" moisturizer ) twice a day after using the serums (it will seal the serums in your neck and face
Keep doing that for the rest of your life.

This will prime your skin and make it healthier.

When you shave:

  1. Use a pre-shave (I use coconut oil)
  2. For the soap, get a good quality soap that gives a creamy lathey. I use PAA or A&E
  3. Use a synthetic brush (Yaqi)
  4. Use a feather blade, Just kidding get Voshkod blade it's triple coated and very gentle while very sharp
  5. 2 passes max and maybe some touch ups. Always light pressure.
  6. Wash your face and use and Alum block Let it rest for 1 minutes and wash your face again
  7. Use a good after shave with or without alcohol (A&e and PAA are good)
  8. Use an after shave cream
  9. Don't shave too often and give your skin a break.

If it doesn't work after 6 months, then you have a very sensitive skin. Switch to one pass.
You might consider to laser that shit out, but that wouldn't be very manly. Grow a beard instead.