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1k corsea/coti


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1k corsea owners, i've tryed this with dmt1200, i now tryed it once with 1k C and finished on my vintage coti with water only. the shave was very good . I'd be interested in seeing how you guys find it. so give it blast and let us no. i found it worked as the edge coming of the 1k C is very nice compared to most bevel setter s i used.

so basicly get the sharpest edge of 1k c you can . then finish on your coticule with sets of half strokes and then normal x strokes on water only strop and shave as usaul.

regards gary


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You are talking about the Naniwa Chosera 1K, Gary?

Just making sure I got it right. I don't have on, but I'm sure it will work that way for many Coticules. I'm not sure about the really slow ones on water, but even they will shave not bad, as the 1K edge will shave better then many would think. I have shaved off a DMT 1200, and I can't imagine a Chosera 1K being more aggressive than that. I do own a Chosera 5K and 10K. Both allow for a razor to be (re)finished on a Coticule with water. After The 5K, halfstrokes are in order, though.

Kind regards,


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yes mate the 1k chosera, sorry i can never remeber how to spell the :thumbup:
defanatley after the 5k i should imagine there would be no problem.

it just shows how small the gap is from a 1k to a finisher and it can be done. the inbetween bit with a slight slurry is all one would need to be sure.the edge of the 1k c is a kind of cloudy finish and hardly any scratch 's unlike the dmt1200 wich is as you say more agressive.

me personaly i would still use slurry and dilute. reason being . I like using slurry, also it will defanatley work. i also think by using slurry you are giving the edge a full on coticule edge. i only did this once with water only. i'd just be interested in seeing how the other guys find it.

the chosera that i hae used which is 1k, is realy nice , it feels like i'm honing on a 5k naniwa , so the 5k C must feel very nice.
cheers gary


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I'm still waiting for my 1Kc to arrive in post, can't wait to try this.
I'm the sort of fella that could get a decent shave from a dmt 1200 with good shaving technique (scythe) and a very light touch. This is by no means a smooth shave, but I can tell the difference.
I see guys at work with red face and just know they are getting bad shaves.



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It seems to be the rock du jour these days. Enough skilled guys have sung its praises that I mailed off an order. Chefknivestogo is now backordered, but should receive next shipment in 2 wks. That's for the double thick, unmounted version w/ the syth nagura. Enough of the guys I pay attention to have sung its praises.

Gary, you've gotta stop testing stones, you're breaking the bank! :)

The Nani 12 is impressive. I expect the chosera will be also.


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Ten blades across mine and no wear showing. Makes sorting old knife sharpened wedges a treat! Bevels come quickly~


I bought a 1k Chosera a couple of months ago, it really was a impulse buy since I already have a Norton 1k and really don't do that much bevel work. Thing is I don't regret it at all. I love using that damn stone! It is much faster than the Norton and leaves a much finer edge. Now I am looking for razors to set bevels on just because I enjoy using it so much. There really must be something wrong with me!


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Danricgro said:
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Nothing wrong with you at all, buddy! I have the complete lineup with 400, 1k, 3k, 5k and 10k. I've tried other brands and types too but these are by far my favorites. Only the 10k is not up to par with the rest. I prefer the SuperStone 10k over the Chosera. With this lineup I get superb edges that can stand up to pretty much everything that is out there.